How to Enhance Your Upwork Freelancer Profile for Great Success

How to Enhance Your Upwork Freelancer Profile for Great Success

July 24, 2016 LEARNING RESOURCES 0 Comments

Which most precious for a freelancer? Very easy question, answer? A great freelancer profile. It’s a great tool to get more projects and marketing a freelancer, themselves. Recently Upwork releases a great tips for it, I am actually based on it and include some of my experiences. I am considering Upwork, I love this, but methods will be same for other freelancer market places.

The most appealing section is photo, I reviewed 40% projects varied on hiring upon photo. I also love to see someone’s good photo while hiring someone. Upload high-quality image, smiley face, well dressed, face centered, may be you arrange your friend’s DSLR. Expression, what will be your pose? Search on Google for great CEOs photo, like Sundar Pichai (Google’s New CEO), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s CEO), Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO), Stephane Kasriel (Upwork’s CEO). Look how they look, smiley face, looking friendly and professional. Upwork shared good photo tips for it, you can also check this out.

This is the first thing client will see while reviewing your profile. Yes those are little, but have great impact to review your profile, suppose I wanted to hire Graphic Designer, title is web developer, I never will go for check remaining on your profile. Some freelancers add multi-talented! What I will understand, he/she knows Graphic Design? Keep title very specific, simple, keyword optimized, straightforward and professional.

This is the key to be hired. Express here what you know, what can you do, how deliver those to your client and working experiences. Upwork made this easy, they suggested some question’s answers.

1. What skill set you have?
2. What type of project you want to do?
3. What system, tools, and software you use?
4. For what you feel proud (experience and your work category based)?
5. Work proficiencies and languages (may be you can add your availability)

Keep all these answers you selected category based and try to put most important information first.
Some Special Tips
1. First two or three sentences will show on Upwork search result’s page. Keep these sentences for attractive, highlight your expertise and talents.
2. Use bullet points if needed
3. On the bottom of your overview you can add some of your soft skills, like: honest, reliable, quick learner, availability etc.
This will represent what you are, what expertise you have. Try to add exactly what skill you have, find out exactly. Never add what you don’t know, client will check this and another big factor these will be validated while you will pass that test.
This is great point to show your expertise visually. Don’t miss this option. Add your best of best completed projects there, try to explain what you did and how you did.
List your certificates what you already earned.
Employment History
This will show your experiences, what you did earlier. Include there you past projects and qualifications.
This will give clients clear directions, add there you most recent degrees, if you don’t have formal education, add your self-taught education on Other Experiences section. This can help clients to validate your background and help to increase trust about your work.
I optimized my profile as much as possible. You can review my Upwork profile for better understand.

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