Resource is most important for learning anything especially ICT. To make a pupil ICT specialist we need good resources, thanks to Bangladesh Government, they already created good resources for basic ICT and made available from academic class six to twelve. From our experience, those are very good resource for newbie. We are mainly covering those books, giving pupil clear concepts, showing them how those works using Laptop, Internet, Projector as well we already have a little Laboratory. There can be a little confusion about this course, we are not offering for the pupil who read in class Six and they will get class six’s ICT course for their academic book. As you know we are Alternative, we don’t have age limit, no matter one student’s age, they cover from class six to twelve ICT books, these books are only for guideline, and these are really good for newbie.

Our goal is to make our pupil scientist or specialist. To fulfill goals we need to create good basement, that’s why our every courses long term and very details oriented. After this course we will offer them advanced courses, like Web Development (if, if he or she has talent and interest) after then advanced Programming courses etc.


  • Course duration minimum 6 months, but if could not possible to cover all or someone not able to cover, this will expand, until he/she not able to cover.
  • We will provide computer and internet, if someone don’t have own.
  • We will provide lifetime help and support.
  • Pupil have to pay for their own residential costs.
  • If someone will not attend 2 weeks (continues and uninformed), he/she will be punished or suspended.


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