After the announcement “Digital Bangladesh” of The People Republic of Bangladesh, Bangladesh is growing very fast in Information and Communications Technology. Our business communication has been updated, maximum business using Electronic Communication rather than traditional communication method. Because of its fast, cheap and flexible. Email communication is much faster than sending mail via post office or courier and of course it’s cheap, you already known the benefits of ICT. Even many business developing their website and Social Media Pages, to ensure their online presence as well as for their Digital Marketing. However, because of recent changes of communication, business owners’ needed skilled people to manage their business communications. On the other hand we have many unemployed people, who is eagerly seeking jobs. Alternative School exactly wants to help the both party.

We are offering Basic Computer Course, but something different from the others. We are offering a combined course, where people will be skilled as a Computer Assistant, where they will get training on MS Office, Basic Computer, Basic Internet, Cloud File Sharing, Social Media Management, Website Management and many more.


  • Course duration minimum 3 months, but if could not possible to cover all or someone not able to cover, this will expand, until he/she not able to cover.
  • We will provide computer and internet, if someone don’t have own.
  • We will provide lifetime help and support.
  • Pupil have to pay for their own residential costs.
  • If someone will not attend 2 weeks (continues and uninformed), he/she will be punished or suspended.


Admission Going on for July Batch

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